5 Ways to Open Your House to the Beauty of the Outdoors

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October 21, 2019 / 0 Comments / 160 / casino dania beach fl
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Pergolas are lighter, less protective, and more permeable compared to the usual porches, making them great transition elements between the exterior and interior parts of your homes. It can reduce the perceived scale of a two-story house, while filtering the sunlight that enters the glazed openings. A completely solid porched would have blocked all the light.


Seek the help of the best architecture firms in Malaysia if you want to improve the walls around your home. You must know that walls don’t need to have full height in order to become good transition spaces. Walls are shaped and sized the way they are because they have a special purposes. Site walls can help you use the entire vertical space on your lot, and improve privacy.

Outdoor Rooms

Consider adding outdoor rooms to your residential property. A new outdoor room can function as a buffer, improving privacy while still allowing an outdoor-focused space for you. In order to mitigate all the proximity problems, your architect can simply continue your house’s exterior wall to build a cloistered terrace space.


A courtyard is another version of an outdoor room. They usually feel more enclosed and focused, bound by the walls of your home. It would be amazing to have a courtyard, and utilize it for more privacy. Moreover, it can further invite more natural light to your space.


A porch is a common architectural device utilized by design professionals to mediate home transitions. A porch can be partially or fully enclosed, or more open and porous. This can provide shelter from the sun, as well as other outdoor elements, while framing beautiful views to the site.


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