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Best Affiliate Marketing Programs in 2020

January 30, 2020 / 0 Comments / 113 / Affiliate Marketing

Are you thinking of quality affiliate products in Malaysia? There are plenty of programs and products offering high commissions! Unlike before, affiliate marketing is no longer a thing that is common for small business owners. Even giant corporations are now utilizing this technique to earn more. In fact, Amazon, The Home Depot and eBay have popular affiliate programs.

The Zalando Partner Program

The Zalando Partner Program offers 8% affiliate commissions. They have a vast selection of accessories, clothing, and shoes that can bring great value to customers.

AliExpress Affiliate

AliExpress provides an amazing commission of 50% for hardworking affiliates. Despite its very low trajectory, its own affiliate program serves as a reference in the world of eCommerce.

Etsy Affiliates

Etsy Affiliates offers only 4% commission, quite low compared to other platforms. However, it is still considered as one of the most interesting programs, offering a vast range of products to an exciting audience.

eBay Affiliates

eBay affiliates offer very high commissions of around 40% to 80%. Just like Amazon, it provides multiple solutions in monetizing third-party apps and websites.


These are just four popular examples of affiliate marketing platforms, but there are so much more out there! Feel free to do your research as a newbie affiliate marketer. There are several other startups and midsized businesses with promising affiliate programs.


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