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Did you know that most of the countries all over the world require you to install a baby
car seat in your vehicle before you can transport your newborn home? That is actually a
fact but there are also some facts about your baby that you need to know as well.

Today, I am going to be talking about some information regarding your baby’s brain that
parents should definitely know.

Your Baby’s Brain is Premature After Delivery

Your baby’s brain is actually not yet fully developed even immediately after delivery.

Sure, you might have carried your baby for a full 9 months or so, but that timeframe is
still not going to be enough for their brain to fully develop as it should be. That is also
the reason why babies are still unable to communicate shortly after birth.

According to comparative biologists, women’s pelvises have a size limitation in order for
them to keep standing upright while they are pregnant. Because of this limitation, a
baby’s body can only grow so much without hampering their mother’s ability to stand,
walk, or do anything physical.

This is seconded by Dr. Lise Elliott, a neuroscientist and author. She said that a
woman’s pelvis remains relatively tight and narrow to keep their body’s frame relatively
upright during pregnancy. That is why newborn babies have just a quarter of the brain
mass compared to an adult’s.

Your Treatment Helps Wire Their Brain

According to Michael Goldstein, a language development researcher, he said that
parents’ responses to their babies can help wire their brain and help it further develop.

Some of the functions are already wired such as the feeling of hunger, discomfort, and
even fatigue and if a baby experiences this and their caregiver (ideally their parents) will
do everything to soothe them, that is something that is required for them to fully develop
into normal babies (at least, from a neurological and psychological sense).

However, keep in mind that even if you give them your utmost care and attention,
babies are still hardwired to cry as that is their only mode of communication at a very
young age.

All Sounds Are Important

There is a reason why parents instantly initiate Parentese or what is commonly known
as ‘baby talk’. This special way of talking to your baby is actually necessary for them to
discern your facial expressions and it also helps them to know your emotions based on
the tone of your voice.

Continuously talking to your baby every single day is necessary if you want them to
develop their speech through its normal course.

Babies’ Brains Continually Develop as They Age

From an evolutionary standpoint, a human’s brain is no different from Neanderthals and
apes, but the main difference is that human brains can actually grow exponentially
faster than our ape ancestors.

At age 1, your baby would have finished developing about 60% of their brains while it
continues to develop well into their mid-20s.

They Want to Learn More When They Babble

When you are talking to your baby and they start babbling, that is an indication that they
want to learn more. For instance, you introduce something new to your baby; may it be
new clothes or toys.

If you talk to them while holding that new thing where they can see it, they might get
curious and when they start to babble, that is an indication that they are ready to learn
more about the new things that you’ve introduced to them.

Being ‘Too Responsive’ is a Thing

There are some parents that think that they should respond almost immediately every
time their baby starts babbling, but some language specialists say that you should
maintain a certain balance.

What this means is that when they start babbling, do not tend to them right away.
Temper this well and your baby will start to learn at a much better pace.

Baby Car Traveling Tips You Should Know

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When you are traveling alone, the only person who you should be worried about is yourself. However, if you bring your baby along, then that would be a different story.


Being a parent is a rewarding experience in and of itself. Even though it can be challenging at times, the rough patch will not be for long.


Anyway, if you want to travel with your baby during long car travels, then you may want to ensure that they’re safe and comfortable while you’re doing so.


So, prepare your baby stroller and read on to find out some tips on how to travel with your baby on a car.

Prepare the Car

For you and your baby to be safe during long car travels, it is important that the care is prepared beforehand.


You want to make sure that the car is filled with enough gas for the ride. Check the tire’s pressure to see if nothing is amiss. You may also want to change your car’s oil as well.


All I am trying to say is that for you and your baby to have a comfortable and safe car trip, you want to make sure that your vehicle is in top condition.

Pack the Essentials

You have to make it a point to have all of the things your baby needs. This includes their diapers, wipes, milk bottles, pacifiers, and any other essential stuff that they need.

And oh, do not forget some extra clothes, a blanket, some snacks, and even a trash bag to help you eliminate any soiled diapers.

Don’t Forget the First-Aid Kit

Although it is unlikely for your baby to experience any dangers since you are ensuring their safety at all times, it is better safe than sorry.


Bring with you a first-aid kit that also contains some of your baby’s medications (especially if they are on special medicines).

Bring the Entertainment

Your baby might get bored during the long travel, so to help them get entertained, you have a couple of options.


You can bring some of their toys with you during the trip. But, the trick here is to not give all of the toys at once, but rather, only give it to them one by one. If you see that your kid is no longer entertained with one toy, give them another one, and so on.


If your baby prefers watching some baby shows, you may also want to bring with you some form of entertainment. You can perhaps download some of their favorite shows and have them play inside the car.

Strap Them Up

Long Distance travels can be quite an enjoyable experience, but you also do not want to skimp on safety as well.


Strap your kid on the car seat- ensuring that the seat belts are not too tight and not too loose. Furthermore, you may want to use a baby sunscreen as well to help protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.


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