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After getting in touch with best online ecommerce platforms in Malaysia regarding your concerns and building up your site for your online business, the next thing you do is to focus on leveling up your online business.

Below are the basic strategies that you really need to level up you business. It helps! It really is!


Each social media platform has an explicit target group of people. In case you’re an online form business, you presumably won’t get the majority of your deals from any social media platforms, which serves to a greater degree a business to business audiences. It’s a great opportunity to focus in on your marketing strategies to achieve more success in your online business.


One of the most standout of the marketing strategies on your ecommerce site. It helps keep securing costs low. It implies not every person will be prepared to purchase from you the first occasion when they visit your site. Notwithstanding, your content can go about as a relationship developer. The more content will somebody sees, the more recognizable the potential client moves toward becoming with your brand.


The only and important thing about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on your site is that it’s really bind in picking the right keywords for your site in order to drive more website traffic and to level up your business, too. It enables you to focus on a more extensive crowd who could even now be keen on your items.

The Hottest eCommerce Trends This 2020

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1. Shopping cart abandonment

According to a research conducted by the Baymard Institute, an average of 69.23% of consumers
abandon their shopping carts. That is a ridiculously high figure. If you are an online business
owner in Malaysia, you should work hard to improve your checkout process to lessen the
abandonment rate. Make the entire experience easier for your target market. It’s also crucial to
eliminate high shipping costs.

2. Deliveries

We are all obsessed with convenience. No matter what type of product you are selling, explore
offering same-day deliveries. Take advantage of your customers’ immediate needs. A successful
same-day delivery routine can increase your conversion rate and basket value.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial technology can help you analyze customer behavior using important data. It’s about
time for you to utilize artificial intelligence tools to level up your online operations. More and
more online businesses are integrating such innovative systems, so make sure that you wouldn’t
get left behind.

4. Voice Search

Voice search and voice recognition are already a hot trend in the tech world. With the help of
voice-powered technology, you can give your online store long-term success. Make sure that
your content are optimized for voice search.

5. Social Selling

Many social media players are now offering a form ecommerce integration. That is no longer a
surprise, considering the big influence of social networking. Social selling is an amazing strategy
for ecommerce websites. It can bring in immediate, fruitful results. Post your offerings on your
social media profiles, and from there, you can coordinate with potential customers.

6. Private messaging and chatbots

Private messaging is big trend in the digital landscape, with players like Facebook Messenger,
SnapChat and What’s app having big engagement numbers. Through chatbots, you can
communicate product offerings and discounts to your potential customers. They are not talking
to real individuals, but simulating real conversations can help you with customer complaints and

7 Essential Elements of Effective E-Commerce Web Design

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What is E-Commerce? Well, when business owners that have brick and mortar shops decide to build their own websites to showcase their brands based on the things that they sell, then that is what is considered as e-commerce.

That being said, since it is a website, there are certain elements that can make it more effective. Read on to find out what the essentials are.

Putting Your Bestsellers on Your Homepage

When a person looks for online shops via a search engine query, you can expect that they do not know exactly what your website is selling. That is why you want to put all of your bestsellers on your homepage.

The reason is simple: you want them to know which items are hot and what you want them to buy right after they’ve landed on your website. If you do not do this, this may actually leave them guessing as to what you actually offer.

Call Them by Their Name

People like it whenever a store staff calls them by their name. This is especially true for repeat customers. There is a compelling reason why this is the case and that is due to the fact that they somehow feel that it is personal- that your business is trying to establish a personal connection.

So, how can you do this if you are only running a website? Well, you can have your web developers make it a point that whenever your customer makes a purchase, for example, that you want to thank them by their name (ex. Thank You for Shopping with Us, *insert name here*).

Adding a Zoom Option for Product Pictures

People want to examine the products first before they will buy it. Whether you sell products on a physical store or online, the same premise is true.

Providing the option to zoom your product images is important because this allows your customers to look at it closely. Believe it or not, there are some people that are keen on the details, which makes it imperative for you to add a zoom feature.

Free Shipping

Aside from promos and sales, what do you think attracts people to buy from an online store? Did you guess it? If your answer is free shipping, then you are right.

If your customers find out during checkout that they will have to pay for the shipping costs, then you can expect that you will get abandoned carts.

With so many different online businesses offering free shipping, forcing your customers to pay for shipping costs could be detrimental to your business.

Rating and Reviews

Social proof is where you present the option to your customers to leave reviews and feedback on your product pages.

Some online business owners are actually scared to implement this, simply because some people might give harsh reviews.

But, adding social proof actually does the opposite- it helps convince people to buy from you. You see, when your customers find that there are people that actually love your products, then they will not hesitate anymore to buy from you.

You could treat it as a double-edged sword, but according to a lot of statistics, the pros actually outweigh the cons.

Adding Price Filters

If you have a relatively large online store, then not having specific search parameters could deter your customers to buy from you.

According to a lot of successful online ventures, adding price filters will actually be to your advantage. People shop online with limited budgets, so proving them the avenue to sort your products based on price is a good thing for both parties.


What is a wishlist? Well, it is an e-commerce functionality that allows your customers to bookmark some of your products so that they can get back to it at a later time when they can actually afford it.

It is a necessary feature because there are people that just want to go “window shopping” for the best deals and if they have the money to buy it, they will.


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