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There was no turning back after smartphones joined the technology scene. Afterwards, everything that happened was beyond the wildest imaginations of anyone.

Smartphones have become, within a blink, our constant companion. Lots of innovations have made their way into our lives and app developer play a role too. And the revenue from developing mobile apps has skyrocketed.

Because of this phenomenon, more trends in the development of mobile apps also began to emerge and materialize along the way.

In this case both consumers and app developers were hitting the jackpot. In many ways, those patterns made our lives simpler. On the other hand, it also introduced more tools into the arsenal of developers.

The future of mobile apps looks very better than ever before. Lots of creative developments in the production of mobile apps will see daylight in 2020 and simplify our lives.

What Give Trends in Mobile App Development?

Trends have a way to make people feel their presence. We gravitate towards them quite easily. It thrills our imaginations at first. We are experiencing them in their entirety already the next minute.

But in terms of developments in the growth of mobile apps, what we see is always better than our hopes. They’re highly advantageous in feature. But they are also highly productive from an organization viewpoint.

Developers are using mobile apps to introduce those patterns to consumers. The patterns are making consumers ‘ lives easier. Inevitably more people are piling into the bandwagon. Therefore businesses expand their user base.

That is exactly what those trends in the development of mobile apps promise. So are we going to get to know them one after another? Then we go here.

1. Internet of Things

To this point, nobody thought the Internet would worm its way through our lives.

Just when we felt our bedroom and kitchen could not be operated by the phone, the Internet of Things! comes in.

You’re in your office, imagine this. And you forgot to get your house closed. So you can lock the house from your current location instead of returning home. All you need is a locking device operated by IoT, an IoT app, and an internet connection.

In the future, not only our home or office, but by using IoT systems, we can control almost everything too.

IoT products such as the Amazon Dash button, Philips lighting system, August doorbell cam, August smart lock, etc. already win over users.

Several business organizations are quickly moving their gear to creating IoT applications. The IoT apps will be as omnipresent as smartphones by 2020.

Future IoT trends
• Smart homes and cities
• Smart and self-driving cars
• AI-driven IoT devices
• IoT in healthcare

2. Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

What comes to your mind when you hear artificial intelligence on smartphones?

You’ll say Virtual assistants (Siri, Google Assistants, Replica, etc.) and chatbots.

Or more recently AI-based photo filtering apps like Face App, Prisma, etc.

But in 2020, AI will also play a more active role in our lives. Besides the enhancement of existing applications, many other tools like AI-based cameras, voice translations, user predictions, etc will find a new home in smartphones.

AI and ML combination can be very useful in complex activities such as developing mobile apps. Whether it’s development of android apps or iOS apps; it can learn from previous data about the development process, detect problems and fix them in real time.

It can even learn our complete habits and actions through our regular patterns of use and execute the actions required without instructions.

ML, for example, can understand our buying behavior from preceding data. So the next time we shop online, the app itself will lead you to the items you want, without having to search them. This is highly effective for the production of e-commerce software.

When AI and IoT are combined, we’re not even going to need to tap our fingers to do things. As we relax, AI manages our houses, appliances, cars, etc. all on its own.

· Future AI developments
· AIOps for automating IT processes
· AI with IoT
· Smart camera with topic recognition
· Voice and language translations
· AI-powered Face Unlock
· User activity forecasts
· Strong Cybersecurity App authentication
· Adaptive battery for more battery life

3. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

AR and VR have already dominated the gaming and video arena. But it’s just a matter of time before these technologies turn their hand to all aspects of our daily lives.

Apple’s ARkit and Google’s ARcore are just a taste of the coming breakthrough of mixed reality. They offer many features like motion tracking, people occlusion, environmental understanding, and light estimation in their packages.

So we can expect lots of AR-based app ideas to turn into fully functional mobile apps by 2020. To sectors like health care, tourism, education, retail, marketing, etc., it will be immensely beneficial.

Mixed reality will revolutionize our social media experience as well. Facebook had already introduced Facebook spaces to interact with our friends through VR. Instagram now allows us to create our own filters for the augmented reality.

In order to provide an immersive and interactive user experience, there are many mixed reality smart glasses like HoloLens, Oculus Go, Magic Leap, etc..

By using these devices and VR / AR software, doctors from different regions can conduct live operations, we can virtually swim under the deep sea, teleport to space and other planets and even digitally modify and reconstruct our life.

Future trends of AR and VR
• AR-based textbook for mobile users
• VR-based experiences for immersive training
• VR-based travel events
• VR-based live music festivals and concerts
• AR-based destination navigator
• VR and AR-based visual learning

4. Just imagine this, Beacon Technology.

You google a pair of a particular brand or model shoes. But you need to physically try them out. But while you’re on the way to the stores, your phone app will show you which shops have your desired products, their price and other specifications.

Well, that is simply not an idea. Beacon technology allows this to happen.
Beacons use Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) signals. So when the phone reaches a beacons location, the corresponding device receives this signal immediately and provides users with appropriate alerts and guidance.

In the marketing world Beacon has immense potential. It reduces the route between the users and the businesses. Most businesses such as hotels, museums, and hospitals already have beacons built in their facilities.

It has been prevalent in the production of iOS apps since Apple launched iBeacon back in 2013. In 2015 Google then launched Eddystone. So, now it’s part of the development of android apps as well.

Future Beacon Applications
• Beacon in Healthcare
• Beacon in Travel and Tourism
• Beacon powered mobile payment
• Beacon in physical games (clue games, treasure hunting, etc.)

5. Blockchain

Blockchain gave us a sneak peek at their cryptocurrency and smart contracts offerings.

For all our sensitive information Blockchain provides complete security. Whether it be our transactions or the sharing of data or documents; no one can track the information. It is by far the best Cybersecurity solution.

If Bitcoin gave us a taste of cryptocurrency, Ethereum has shown us Blockchain’s true potential. A great example of that is the reach of decentralized apps and how it has expanded possibilities for app developers.

Decentralized apps or Dapps need not have a mediator to operate or manage our information. It connects directly with the users and providers. So no one else can get in on our data.

Blockchain’s Future Applications
• Anti-piracy blockchain
• Secure public elections
• Transparent betting
• Swarm Robotics
• Asset tokenisation
• Blockchain as a service (BaaS)

Wrapping up

What the future holds for in the development of mobile apps is really exciting. Its simpler than ever to create an app. With the introduction of 5G technology and revolutionary developments in the production of mobile apps, by 2020 everything will be a hundred times better, quicker and easier.

Integrating these trends into our phones represents a major leap forward. For that, you need to have a reliable mobile app development agency. Mindster’ is a perfect choice in that way. Some of our approaches for developing apps include the taxi dispatch software,

Top Reason How Mobile App Development is a Blessing to Android & iOS Users!

June 28, 2019 / 0 Comments / 125 / Mobile APp

Versatile application improvement hit the market like a sack of block a couple of decades back. Presently it has turned out to be so best in class so that in case you’re ravenous at 2:00 am, not a major ordeal.

Simply take out your telephone, open the application, request on the web and sustenance will be conveyed inside a couple of minutes. Regardless of whether you’re an Android client or iOS client, you ought to be grateful to the portable application engineers for presenting such astonishing applications and making your lives simpler.

Versatile app designers and organizations are endeavoring hard to create vigorous, dependable, and productive applications on both the well-known working frameworks Android and iOS.

What are the upsides of portable application for iOS clients?

Despite the fact that Android applications are substantially more popular, yet probably the best applications are constantly propelled first on iOS. For example, Periscope application by Twitter, it was discovered exceptionally late on Android.

What is the purpose for it? All things considered, iPhone proprietors are quite certain about the applications they will give to clients and furthermore advantage distributer enormously on the grounds that factually iOS is wealthier and prepared to spend on significant applications.

Furthermore, Apple has profited the clients throughout the years, yet it has likewise made the lives of engineers simpler. As of late, Apple propelled its new programming language known as SWIFT that not just intends to streamline the portable application improvement process, yet additionally dispense with the blunders that engineers frequently go over different dialects.

Though, Android application engineers battle a great deal as Google continues presenting new forms of the working frameworks. That is the reasons numerous organizations and versatile application engineers have to stay refreshed with the changing pattern and keep their application refreshed as needs are. Starting in 2018, you can see the developing rendition in Android is presently Oreo.

What are the upsides of versatile applications for Android clients?

Clearly, whatever is referenced above doesn’t mean iOS is superior to Android. The greater part of the designers is as yet supporting and propelling stunning applications for Google’s Play store each year. What’s more, there are some legitimate purposes for it, which are as per the following:

• Undoubtedly, the group of spectators on Android is a lot bigger than iOS and they anxiously hang tight for new application discharge. So, this part can’t be ignored at any expense.

• If you aren’t content with a portion of the functionalities in your iPhone you can’t do anything of it. Notwithstanding, Android enables clients to download answers for their issues that will empower them to change the parameters of OS, mounting the client’s abilities.

• You can likewise change the interface of your Android App by downloading some astounding application launchers. It causes you to change the change look and feel of the interface, while with iOS this isn’t at all conceivable.

• In case, if an Apple client uninstalls the App store, 99% of Apple clients won’t almost certainly reinstall to it. As per Apple, it is against the client’s permit and in the event that you need to recover that it will take time everlasting.
Be that as it may, Google’s Android doesn’t constrain you to utilize Play Store, on the off chance that you uninstall your Play store you simply need to look for APK record and download everything again in almost no time.

• Enhanced comfort and main concern:

Presently you don’t need to remain in long bank line to move cash or get money from your bank employee, everything is in the palms of your hands and a fingertip away. Numerous banks presented portable application alternatives for the clients to effortlessly move the sum or get paid. It has profited the clients, yet even bank lobbies are unfilled from such line. All you need is web association!

All the more thus, you can likewise run huge numbers of your home machines with the assistance of your versatile. You should simply download that pertinent application as referenced by the brand and turn on and off the machines by not by any means moving. Is it true that it isn’t stunning?

Indeed, even organizations can get paid for any item or administration by presenting their application and including installment door highlight.

• Helps to grow client base:

Presently clients over the globe can go over your items and benefits and may arrange a couple. This implies you’re not all the more working together from nearby markets, you’ve really ventured into the worldwide market.
In any case, you should remember a certain something, continue advancing your application or items or administrations through various channels and increment your deals.

• Boosts brand mindfulness:

Have you seen physical commercials on open erect areas that incorporate publications on the dividers, flyers, leaflet, and so forth? Prior, proprietors advanced their business through this strategy to catch the consideration of footers.

This is the thing that versatile applications do! When you download a portable application on your cell phone, it features brand symbol on the showcase. Furthermore, each opportunity clients will run over applications of their telephone, they will discover your application.

Another approach to make brand mindfulness in the market through your versatile application is incorporating it with real internet-based life stages like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or WhatsApp.

In this way, whatever the client will post, it will be straightforwardly shared on their news channel, boosting your image picture in the end. Be that as it may, you have to ensure that your posts incorporate a touch of silliness in it.


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