Hiring your own SEO specialist

August 26, 2019 / 0 Comments / 169 / SEO

Do you need help with your blogging strategy? To make the most out of your strategies and campaigns, you need to look for a reliable SEO specialist in Malaysia that can help you deal with everything. Below are some of the most important points of for the SEO specialist role.

Search Engine Optimization Analyst

An SEO analyst implements social media and SEO strategies for clients. He or she can quickly support initiatives, and understand goals that contribute to the success of many client campaigns. There are many experienced SEO analysts in Malaysia who help individuals and companies improve their online presence!

Areas of Responsibility

  • Administer and research on different social media tools to support the strategies of clients
  • Administer and monitor website analytics dashboards and key reporting tools
  • Evaluate and monitor search results, as well as search performance across primary search channels
  • Communicate to the entire team regarding project development management, results and timelines
  • Work very closely with the other staff members
  • Perform thorough keyword research, depending on client business objectives in order to optimize existing web content, and look for new opportunities
  • Deliver SEO recommendations and analysis in coordination with structure and elements of web pages
  • Provide different recommendations, and implement strategies for digital content development
  • Administer different search engine programs such as shopping feeds, XML sitemaps and webmaster tools
  • Execute link building campaigns
  • Help in the execution and development of content strategies through social media

Professional Competencies

  • Ability to effectively and clearly articulate points and thoughts
  • High levels of autonomy, integrity and self-motivation
  • Brilliant organizational, analytical, time management, and project management skills
  • Passion for internet marketing and SEO
  • Amazing creative skills, and ability to resolve problems
  • Meticulous attention to detail, as well as the ability to multi-task effectively

The 5 Secrets of Professional SEO Article Writers

August 23, 2019 / 0 Comments / 149 / SEO

1. Write about something people care about.

Are you looking for a reputable SEO company in Malaysia to help you with your website? You better find the most qualified professionals who can give thorough advice on content creation. Before taking on a major step with regards to SEO writing, make sure that you know what your target audience needs. Offer value to your audience.

2. Get your keyword research on.

Don’t just post random content on your website. Creating quality articles take time and effort. First, you must find out which phrases and keywords your target readers are searching for. Monitor how many times the keywords are mentioned in your content. If you are not yet very familiar with keyword research, there are plenty of tools available that can make your routine easier.

3. Insert the correct keywords on your content.

A long time ago, SEO content writers just dump keywords on their articles. Well, things have changed. Include your keyword in your title, in the first H1 and H2, and in the first 300 words. Then, try to use variations of your keywords. It must never be a struggle to insert keyword in the copy.

4. Understand the basics and technicalities of SEO.

Your keyword optimization tactics wouldn’t work well if your website is not indexed. You need to understand how Google crawls web pages, and works with link authority to help establish a strategy. Keep in mind that content writing is not just about producing one blog post. It is also about writing, and linking a whole lot of them.

5. Monitor your analytics.

SEO writing is not just about writing quality content. It involves monitoring performance through Google Analytics. Remember, if your website has a high bounce rate, this means that readers are not staying for a long time. You need to further optimize your page for the most relevant, appropriate keywords.


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