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What exactly is social media?

“Social” pertains to interacting with individuals online by sharing details and receiving information. The “media” aspect, on the other hand, refers to a communication tool, such as newspapers, radio and internet.

When we combine them, social media then equates to web-based communication tools that allow people to interact with one another by consuming and sharing information. Are you looking for a social media consultant in Malaysia who can help you manage your social media marketing strategy? Below are some of the things that should be considered before implementing many social media techniques.

The Most Common Social Media Features

  • Comment on sections and like buttons. There are two of the most common ways to interact on the social media landscape.
  • Rating, review or voting systems. Several social media platforms depend on the collective effort of a certain community to rate, review and vote on the details that they have used.
  • Personal user accounts. If a website allows to build their very own accounts that they log into, then that is a great first sign. This means that it can be utilized for some type of user-based or social interaction.
  • Profile pages. A profile page represents a person, and gives them space to establish their own personal brand.
  • Followers, groups, friends and hashtags. People use their own accounts in order to connect and reach out to with other users.
  • News Feeds. A news feed shows information real time on every social media account.
  • Personalization. Social media networks typically give people the flexibility to personalize their own user settings, customize their social profiles to appear in a specific way, and then manage the details they view on their news feeds.


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