What Foods to Eat for Better Sex?

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For centuries, researchers are looking for ways to help improve sexual health and
performance as the deed can help us survive for many eons to come.

That being said, eating the right kinds of foods have shown to help with sexual
endurance, as well as helping curb some underlying medical conditions.

Premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, for example, are two of the most
common conditions that plague most men all over the world. There are many causes to
these conditions, but the great news is that the aforementioned conditions are highly
treatable with the right diet and by taking the right supplements for men.

Since you are reading this article, I am assuming that you want to know which foods will
help you give sexual satisfaction to your partners, am I right? If so, continue reading
further to find out what they are.

What the AHA Said

According to the American Heart Association, a good circulatory system will ensure men
that their penises can endure the rigors of passionate sex.
In order for men to last longer in bed, they must eat the following:

  • Whole grains and fiber-rich foods
  • A wide range of veggies and fruits
  • Healthy fats such as the ones found in fish and olive oil
  • Legumes, nuts, and certain seafood.

The AHA also said that men who are suffering from metabolic syndrome are also likely
to develop ED and PE later on in their lives (or much sooner depending on their lifestyle
and other circumstances).

Researchers from the association have found that people who engage in the
Mediterranean diet are known to curb metabolic syndrome and, therefore, live happier
and fuller lives. I suggest that you try this diet out for yourself and see if this helps you.

What Foods to Eat

The foods that are known to help boost libido are called aphrodisiacs and they got their
moniker from the ancient Greek Goddess of love, Aphrodite.

That being said, oysters are number one on the list thanks to their rich Zinc content.
Zinc is actually an essential mineral that is useful to our bodies. It helps maintain cell
metabolism, improve stamina, and regulates testosterone levels, just to name a few.

There is also other seafood that contains high amounts of Zinc as well, including lobster
and crabs. If you want land-based foods, you can try pine nuts and red meat, as well as
breakfast cereal that is fortified by the said mineral.

Although it requires more research to truly justify its claims, some people believe that
Fenugreek, Maca, and Asian Ginseng are known to help improve one’s libido as well.

Foods that Can Prevent ED

As I’ve mentioned earlier, erectile dysfunction is actually quite a common condition and
there are many factors that contribute to the said condition. According to the Urology
Care Foundation, an estimate or 30 million men in the United States are affected by ED.

The said group has stated that men should eat foods that are rich in flavonoids, such as
apples, citrus fruits, berries, grapes, green or black tea, hot peppers, cocoa products,
and red wine.

Four (4) Ideal Tips for Buying a Watch

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There are tons of women’s and men’s watches in Malaysia, and of course, you would want to end up with a quality buy. there are a lot of watch styles you might want it, you can deny the fact that your simple decision turns out to be more difficult from the beginning. It is very common for many to confuse in terms of choosing wrist watches they prefer.

You must look for a piece with subtle details.

The important key here is purchasing a statement watch that is versatile and subtle. After all, statement watches are investments that you must be able to wear anytime and anywhere. Keep the silver and hold reserved. The bling and shimmers must be minimal, and must not make up a big part of the timepiece. Furthermore, take watch sizes seriously. The face size should be harmonious with the size of your wrist.

You must familiarize yourself with watch movements.

Research on watch movements and other technicalities. The movement is the beating heart of your timepiece–it is the component that make things tick. Should you go for automatic, mechanical or quartz? Each one of these has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Take note of the functions that you want.

You will be dependent on it when it comes to time. If you want to depend on it to monitor your heart rate, monitor your steps, serve as an alarm, then a smartwatch is the best choice.

You must consider getting interchangeable bands.

There are a lot of sleek watch designs in Malaysia you can pick from. However, you must not only depend on appearance when buying timepieces. Since versatility is an important component you must take note of, it would be practical to get one with interchangeable straps. This will allow you to color coordinate your watch with your outfit easier.

The Hottest eCommerce Trends This 2020

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1. Shopping cart abandonment

According to a research conducted by the Baymard Institute, an average of 69.23% of consumers
abandon their shopping carts. That is a ridiculously high figure. If you are an online business
owner in Malaysia, you should work hard to improve your checkout process to lessen the
abandonment rate. Make the entire experience easier for your target market. It’s also crucial to
eliminate high shipping costs.

2. Deliveries

We are all obsessed with convenience. No matter what type of product you are selling, explore
offering same-day deliveries. Take advantage of your customers’ immediate needs. A successful
same-day delivery routine can increase your conversion rate and basket value.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial technology can help you analyze customer behavior using important data. It’s about
time for you to utilize artificial intelligence tools to level up your online operations. More and
more online businesses are integrating such innovative systems, so make sure that you wouldn’t
get left behind.

4. Voice Search

Voice search and voice recognition are already a hot trend in the tech world. With the help of
voice-powered technology, you can give your online store long-term success. Make sure that
your content are optimized for voice search.

5. Social Selling

Many social media players are now offering a form ecommerce integration. That is no longer a
surprise, considering the big influence of social networking. Social selling is an amazing strategy
for ecommerce websites. It can bring in immediate, fruitful results. Post your offerings on your
social media profiles, and from there, you can coordinate with potential customers.

6. Private messaging and chatbots

Private messaging is big trend in the digital landscape, with players like Facebook Messenger,
SnapChat and What’s app having big engagement numbers. Through chatbots, you can
communicate product offerings and discounts to your potential customers. They are not talking
to real individuals, but simulating real conversations can help you with customer complaints and

6 Facts Every Parent Should Know About Their Baby’s Brain

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Did you know that most of the countries all over the world require you to install a baby
car seat in your vehicle before you can transport your newborn home? That is actually a
fact but there are also some facts about your baby that you need to know as well.

Today, I am going to be talking about some information regarding your baby’s brain that
parents should definitely know.

Your Baby’s Brain is Premature After Delivery

Your baby’s brain is actually not yet fully developed even immediately after delivery.

Sure, you might have carried your baby for a full 9 months or so, but that timeframe is
still not going to be enough for their brain to fully develop as it should be. That is also
the reason why babies are still unable to communicate shortly after birth.

According to comparative biologists, women’s pelvises have a size limitation in order for
them to keep standing upright while they are pregnant. Because of this limitation, a
baby’s body can only grow so much without hampering their mother’s ability to stand,
walk, or do anything physical.

This is seconded by Dr. Lise Elliott, a neuroscientist and author. She said that a
woman’s pelvis remains relatively tight and narrow to keep their body’s frame relatively
upright during pregnancy. That is why newborn babies have just a quarter of the brain
mass compared to an adult’s.

Your Treatment Helps Wire Their Brain

According to Michael Goldstein, a language development researcher, he said that
parents’ responses to their babies can help wire their brain and help it further develop.

Some of the functions are already wired such as the feeling of hunger, discomfort, and
even fatigue and if a baby experiences this and their caregiver (ideally their parents) will
do everything to soothe them, that is something that is required for them to fully develop
into normal babies (at least, from a neurological and psychological sense).

However, keep in mind that even if you give them your utmost care and attention,
babies are still hardwired to cry as that is their only mode of communication at a very
young age.

All Sounds Are Important

There is a reason why parents instantly initiate Parentese or what is commonly known
as ‘baby talk’. This special way of talking to your baby is actually necessary for them to
discern your facial expressions and it also helps them to know your emotions based on
the tone of your voice.

Continuously talking to your baby every single day is necessary if you want them to
develop their speech through its normal course.

Babies’ Brains Continually Develop as They Age

From an evolutionary standpoint, a human’s brain is no different from Neanderthals and
apes, but the main difference is that human brains can actually grow exponentially
faster than our ape ancestors.

At age 1, your baby would have finished developing about 60% of their brains while it
continues to develop well into their mid-20s.

They Want to Learn More When They Babble

When you are talking to your baby and they start babbling, that is an indication that they
want to learn more. For instance, you introduce something new to your baby; may it be
new clothes or toys.

If you talk to them while holding that new thing where they can see it, they might get
curious and when they start to babble, that is an indication that they are ready to learn
more about the new things that you’ve introduced to them.

Being ‘Too Responsive’ is a Thing

There are some parents that think that they should respond almost immediately every
time their baby starts babbling, but some language specialists say that you should
maintain a certain balance.

What this means is that when they start babbling, do not tend to them right away.
Temper this well and your baby will start to learn at a much better pace.

Tops That Will Help You Write Your Blog Post

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1. Proofread your draft.

Proofreading is a highly important task in your blogging routine. If you really want to know how
to get money from blogging in Malaysia, you should take this seriously. Here are some its many

  • It catches stupid blogging mistakes.
  • Improves the clarity of your writing by eliminating unnecessary sentences and words that
    confuse readers. You have lesser chance of being misunderstood.
  • It fosters your credibility. If you have bad grammar and spelling in your content, people
    would think less of you.

2. Include compelling call-to-action statements.

Conclude your post with a powerful call-to-action statement. To come up with a good CTA,
think about your blog’s purpose first. Are you seeking more interaction in your field of
expertise? Are you selling products and services? Below are some of the common goals to
create a CTA around.

3. Implement a good SEO strategy.

Search engine optimization is a practice of writing online articles that considers who Google and
other search engines work. When you optimize, you increase the chance of people finding your
content. Since search engines are rapidly evolving, it can be very challenging to keep up with all
of the chances. Familiarize yourself with different SEO techniques, and keyword strategies.

4. Share all of your personal experiences.

Your blog is all about you, and the value that you can offer to your readers. Share your unique
stories to your audience. Offer your opinions, and incorporate humor as well as other remarkable
personal elements.

5. Get to know your target audience.

Research on your target audience. To make more effective content, put yourself in their shoes.
Think of all the inquiries they might have with regards to your blog topic. Feel free to
experiment! You can come up with regular polls to keep up to the changing priorities of your
target readers.

5 Ways to Open Your House to the Beauty of the Outdoors

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Pergolas are lighter, less protective, and more permeable compared to the usual porches, making them great transition elements between the exterior and interior parts of your homes. It can reduce the perceived scale of a two-story house, while filtering the sunlight that enters the glazed openings. A completely solid porched would have blocked all the light.


Seek the help of the best architecture firms in Malaysia if you want to improve the walls around your home. You must know that walls don’t need to have full height in order to become good transition spaces. Walls are shaped and sized the way they are because they have a special purposes. Site walls can help you use the entire vertical space on your lot, and improve privacy.

Outdoor Rooms

Consider adding outdoor rooms to your residential property. A new outdoor room can function as a buffer, improving privacy while still allowing an outdoor-focused space for you. In order to mitigate all the proximity problems, your architect can simply continue your house’s exterior wall to build a cloistered terrace space.


A courtyard is another version of an outdoor room. They usually feel more enclosed and focused, bound by the walls of your home. It would be amazing to have a courtyard, and utilize it for more privacy. Moreover, it can further invite more natural light to your space.


A porch is a common architectural device utilized by design professionals to mediate home transitions. A porch can be partially or fully enclosed, or more open and porous. This can provide shelter from the sun, as well as other outdoor elements, while framing beautiful views to the site.

Just in Time: The 10 Best Luxury Watches of 2018

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In the realm of watch-production, 2018 will be recognized as a time of interruption and festivity.

Numerous records have been broken and at any rate, two well-known watches – one supported by the popular and similarly smooth British government operative James Bond, no less – praised their birthday events.

Conventional styles have been patched up with present-day materials, and publicly supporting newcomers gave crisp options in contrast to build up brands.

Keeping that in mind, as the commencement to the New Year starts, there has never been a superior time to purchase a quality timepiece. Here are 10 of our top extravagance watches from 2018.

Hublot Big Bang Meca-10 P2P

In September, Hublot disclosed a restricted version variety of its Big Bang chronograph to commend the tenth commemoration of bitcoin.
Gesturing to the reality the world’s most celebrated digital money is restricted to 21 million bitcoins, only 210 Big Bang watches were made accessible for pre-deal at $25,000 each. (They’ll be conveyed to that fortunate couple of purchasers in mid-2019.)

Each watch will include an exceptional etching on the bezel got from the distinguishing proof exchange number, and its skeleton development offers a 10-day power save – another gesture to the 10-year achievement.

With regards to the subject, the Hublot Big Bang must be purchased utilizing bitcoin, which might possibly be something worth being thankful for relying upon the current descending direction of the cash itself.

Bulgari Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Automatic

Breaking one watchmaking world record is troublesome, not to mention three. In any case, the Bulgari Octo Finissimo Tourbillon Automatic watch did precisely that before in the year, when it turned into the slenderest programmed watch, the slenderest tourbillon and the slenderest programmed tourbillon.

Its bewildering 3.95-millimeter profundity is on account of a minor development estimating an unimportant 1.95 millimeters.
The lash and case are produced using sandblasted titanium, while the dial is of the excellent skeletonized assortment. Only 50 will be made and the cost is said to be $118,000 – a value befitting of the sheer watchmaking witchcraft expected to make it.

Patek Philippe 5270P Perpetual Calendar Chronograph

Patek Philippe is one of the most profoundly respected watchmakers on the planet and the 5270P, accessible just because with a platinum case and salmon dial, is especially unmistakable.

An update to the first 5270 discharged in 2011 (which was itself beneficiary to a watch from 1941), it includes a 30-minute counter, date show, and can even demonstrate the periods of the moon in a rather pretty design.

The workshop reestablishing extravagance watches to their previous greatness

It can likewise oppose water of up to 30 meters inside and out and is said to highlight six protected advancements, procuring its fantastic entanglement status.

The hand-sewed dull darker lash, then, is produced using crocodile cowhide and highlights an overlap over fasten to compliment that unmistakable face. The cost? Someplace north of $180,000, contingent upon where you look.

Omega Seamaster Diver 300M

The Omega Seamaster Diver 300M plunging watch, first presented in quite a while, been worn by James Bond in each film since 1995’s “Goldeneye.” So, it shocks no one that ebb and flow Bond Daniel Craig was named the official envoy for the most recent 300M.

In festivity of 25 years, the watch was fitted with another enemy of attractive chronometer development, and a refreshed helium escape valve, which shields the watch from harm when its wearer rises up out of the profundities of the sea. (Those of us who are not experienced jumpers will simply acknowledge what it looks like.)

A. Lange and Söhne Triple Split

A rattrapante, or split-second, chronograph development is exceedingly uncommon and over the top expensive, which is the reason the A.

Lange and Söhne Double Split established such a connection when it was propelled in 2004. At that point came another variant recently.

Expanding on previous brilliance, the A. Lange and Söhne Triple Split has two arrangements of hands for checking the seconds, one of which can be halted for timing – simply like the Double Split – yet in addition has additional hands for quite a long time and hours, enabling the wearer to quantify and contrast time interims for up with a time of 12 hours. Starting now, it’s the main watch on the planet with this ability.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Tourbillon Chronograph

For those with incredibly profound pockets, the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore gathering – which, similar to the Omega Seamaster 300M, appeared in 1993 – has gotten an assortment of covetable new augmentations.

These incorporate a restricted release Tourbillon Chronograph, which can be had in either steel or pink gold. Only 50 models are accessible for each shading, so I hope to pay north of $100,000 for the benefit of possession.

Nomos Zurich 806

In the event that your preferences are increasingly downplayed, the thin Nomos Zurich 806 programmed is a victor. The treated steel watch includes a level, white silver-plated dial, and a calfskin lash the brand cases is “practically indestructible,” kindness of Chicago’s family-run Horween Leather Company.

An exceptionally planned calfskin wallet finishes the bundle and gives additional insurance when in travel – not that you could ever need to take the watch off.

Rolex GMT-Master II

The Rolex GMT-Master II has numerous monikers, including Batman – on account of its blue-and-dark shading combo. The most recent adaptation has been named Pepsi in light of the fact that the red-and-blue colorway looks to some extent like the soda pop producer’s logo.

Initially accessible in 18-carat white gold, the Rolex GMT-Master II is presently accessible in hardened steel and, strangely for the range, utilizes a five-piece Jubilee tie produced using oyster steel. Another outstanding expansion is 15% increasingly productive 3285 development.

Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time

For the individuals who wind up stuck between two timezones, the Vacheron Constantin Dual Time is a trendy arrangement. One dial tells you the time back home, while the AM/PM pointer gives a sign of how friendly or unsociable the hour is.

200 and thirty-four segments, including 37 gems, make up the development, which sits inside a case produced using 18k pink gold or treated steel. The dial comes in silver or dark blue, and the lash can be had in treated steel, blue, dark or darker elastic or dark-colored gator.

At $25,000, it will be a genuine venture for the vast majority. Yet additionally an exceptionally excellent one.

IWC Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition 150 Years

IWC watches are the absolute most alluring on the planet and the Big Pilot’s Watch Annual Calendar Edition, uncovered at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie appear in Geneva in January, is a fine method to celebrate 150 years of watchmaking. Fittingly, just 150 were made.

The Annual Calendar Edition, curiously for an IWC watch, includes a full date show. Be that as it may, because of its hardened steel case, blue dial, rhodium-plated hands, and gator lash, it’s no less simple on the eyes than its more straightforward partners.

What is the Main Difference Between VPS Hosting and Cloud Hosting?

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In your search for the best web hosting companies out there, you may find that VPS hosting and Cloud hosting is the best when it comes to price-to-performance.
That being said, you may have a lot of questions regarding the two because you’re probably accustomed to just hearing about shared and dedicated hosting.
In this article, I will talk about the difference between VPS hosting and Cloud hosting so that you will finally know what they truly are.

VPS Hosting

You might ask yourself what the acronym stands for. VPS is short for Virtual Private Server. If you’ve ever used a virtual machine before, VPS is basically just like that; with the only difference being that the VM is more like an emulated computer and VPS is more like a server computer.
That being said, hosting companies can do this by using software known as the Hypervisor. This will create multiple virtual machines that have their own resources such as CPU, RAM, Disk Space, and a whole lot more.
It is pretty much the same as dedicated hosting without the exorbitantly high price tag and the lack of a physical server. But hey, for what it’s worth, it is definitely something worth considering.
Despite it giving you specific resources that your website can use, VPS hosting does have its challenges. Although you are running your website in a virtual server, if there is something wrong with the physical server where the VPS is installed, the virtual server will go down with it as well.
Furthermore, the resources that are allotted for your website may not be as big to that of an actual dedicated server, so you may want to temper your expectations regarding this one.

Cloud Hosting

The term ‘cloud’ is used to denote a network of different servers that work in tandem to deliver whatever it is that is needed. In this case, cloud hosting basically means that you are getting hosting services from different servers across the world.
This has an amazing advantage in that if a physical server fails in one location, there are other servers that will be able to handle the load- making sure that the hosting operation still works when there are physical problems.
So, how does this relate to VPS hosting? Well, you do know that VPS is just a virtualized server that is contained within a physical server, right? And, it is subject to the resources of the server it is installed in.
Cloud hosting just makes it so that your VPS will be given more than enough resources for continuous operation. You no longer have to worry about losing access to your website because, should there be a problem with your VPS, other virtual private servers will be able to handle the load, ensuring continued service.
In conclusion, VPS hosting is basically a virtual server that is created using Hypervisor or other similar programs. Cloud hosting is where you take advantage of a network of different servers that are collectively doing the same thing.

Amazing Gambling Tips for Winners

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There is no doubt that gambling provides you with this rush and intense feeling of exhilaration. Whether you are playing in actual gambling institution or you are playing in an online casino, there are certain tips that can help you become a high roller.
In today’s article, I will give you the tips that you need to become a winner yourself.

Roulette is the Game You Want to Play

One of the best casino games that you can play that provides you with some of the best odds of winning is roulette. In fact, if you know the rules and some strategies, then you can expect to win at least once during your stay at the casino.
There was one time when a chap placed some chips on the table for number 3 and we all laughed at him. Unsurprisingly, the dude lost and was kicked out of the game- rightfully so because he didn’t know the rules of the game.
Having said that, always look for green chips as this provides you with the best chance of winning. If you are given red or pink-colored chips, then you have to pray to God that he gives you even a glimmer of hope.

Craps is Fun if You Know How to Play It

The craps part of the casino is always a fun environment, especially since people are shouting every time a passline bet is made.
Anyway, you should always learn the rules of the game you are playing and this is more so when you want to play a game of craps.
Although it can be confusing, it is actually one of the best games you can play in a casino.

The Slots Are for People Who Want to Play It Safe

There are only two possible outcomes when playing the slot machine. Either you win it big or you lose, that’s it. If you do not want to lose a lot of money, you can play the slot machine as it is one of the safest to play in the casino.
Why is that? Although you still need to be lucky for you to win, you are actually in control of how much money you’re going to lose (possibly) in every game.

Learn Blackjack

Blackjack is one of those games that give you the lowest house edge possible and learning the game is actually quite easy to do.
There is only one problem. Although the potential for winning the entire game is high; you are not going to win it big, at least, when compared to games like Texas Hold’em or any other Poker variant.

7 Basic Things a Hotel Must Offer to Their Guests

September 19, 2019 / 0 Comments / 58 / KL Girl

I think we can all agree that we need a place to stay, especially when we are in a new place. Whether you are going to go to specific tourist spots or whether you want to experience a special time with an escort girl in Kuala Lumpur, there are some things that are considered ‘basic’ that are usually offered in most hotels all around the world.
In today’s article, I will talk about the essentials that hotels must offer to their guests.


In a study done by hotels.com, travelers from all over the world agree that hotel cleanliness is something that they value the most. I mean, who wants to stay in a dirty place, right?
Whether you are in an expensive hotel or one that is quite affordable for your budget, cleanliness should always be something that hotels offer all over the world.

Safety and Security

Another thing that is considered to be basic and mandatory for all hotels is the safety and security that they should provide.
The hotel should have plenty of hotel staff that ensures all of the security needs of the tenants. Furthermore, they should follow protocols that would give more security for the elderly, women, and children.


This used to be a novel thing that hotels can simply implement or not. However, because there are so many things that people can do over the internet, it has now become a mandatory thing. In fact, if hotels do not have internet connectivity in the form of providing WiFi connections to their clients, then they will not have a healthy customer base.
Free internet should be something that is offered by most hotels. So, when you choose one, make sure that they are offering free internet as part of your hotel accommodation.

Comfy Beds

I do not know about you but having a comfortable bed is one of my top priorities when looking for a hotel. When you sleep in a comfortable bed, you are assured to have a really nice time. This is especially true if you are planning to get an escort service as well.
Aside from a comfortable bed, you want to get one that is well-maintained and is free from any dirt or bedbugs.

Nice Bathroom

Another important feature and one that is considered to be a basic thing in hotels is the bathroom plumbing. You want to have a bathroom that has adequate water flowing in. The hot and cold feature should be present and the toilet should flush without any problems at all.

Great Food

Although there are some people that would prefer buying their own food outside of the hotel, there are those that are actually looking forward to what the hotel can offer them.
Free breakfast is definitely a nice thing to have and fortunately, they have become a staple in most hotel accommodations.

Accommodating and Friendly Staff

Last but definitely not the least is an accommodating and friendly hotel staff. Nothing can ruin the experience of staying in a hotel than a staff that will not even greet you good morning when you enter the premises.
According to a report by hotels.com, friendly and accommodating hotel staff is something that most travelers look for when searching for a place to stay; so definitely have this thing covered before anything else.


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